Terms and Conditions

  •                          ISU services are provided free of charge to the faculty, staff, residents, and students of the following health colleges and hospitals:

o   Nursing

o   Pharmacy

o   Medicine

o   Applied Medicine

o   Dentistry

o   Prince Sultan College of Emergency Medicine

o   King Khaled University Hospital

o   King Abdul-Aziz University Hospital

  •                         Students and residents should obtain approval from their supervisor to benefit from these services free of charge.


  •                        Any applicant who does not fulfill these criteria will be charged for any requested ISU service.


  •                         ISU is not authorized to do any work on behalf of the applicant and will maintain support, guidance, and consultation throughout the research process.


  •                        Registration must be made under the name of the applicant and not under any false or assumed name or someone else’s identity.


  •                        A valid email must be provided at the time of registration.


  •                       If you are applying to qualify for a free-of-charge service, you must register using your college or hospital-given email.


  •                       The applicant is the only person responsible for following-up their request.


  •                        A delay exceeding 2 weeks from the date of application to submit all required documents will result in the cancellation of the request. Applicants wishing to still obtain these services must apply again.


  •                        ISU will not be responsible for any delay in the service delivery time caused by a delay in submitting required or requested documents by applicants.


  •                       If the applicant wishes to cancel the service requested for any reason, the applicant must visit or email the unit with the cancellation reasons as soon as possible.


  •                         Any violation of the terms and conditions of the ISU will result in halting any current or future service provision to the violators.